Discount Patio Wicker Dining Sets for Sale

Enjoy morning brunches, afternoon lunches, and evening suppers on your own patio with our discount patio dining sets. We offer a variety of styles and designs to choose from and hope that you'll find our wicker dining sets and other products to be to your liking. Our products make great gifts as well for anyone on your gift list. Enjoy browsing our selection of dining sets for sale and imagine the possibilities and memories that they'll create for you. These discount patio dining sets are durable and easy to clean for use as often as the weather permits!

Lexington 5-Piece Dining Set

LEX-5DS - Lexington 5-Piece Dining Set


Maracay 7-Piece Dining Set

MARD-007 - Maracay 7-Piece Dining Set


Maracay 9-Piece Dining Set

MARD-009 - Maracay 9-Piece Dining Set


Portside 5Pc Dining Set - Dark Roast

PSDDR-DKRST - Portside 5Pc Dining Set - Dark Roast


Portside 5Pc Dining Set - Southwest Amber

PSDDR-AMBE - Portside 5Pc Dining Set - Southwest Amber


Portside 5Pc Dining Set - White

PSDDR-WHITE - Portside 5Pc Dining Set - White



Select dining sets for use on your porch, patio, or sunroom. These sets are made from durable, weather resistant materials. Made to withstand the elements and harsh conditions, our wicker dining sets are not only durable, they'll be a beautiful addition anywhere you choose to put them. Give your family the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and enjoy a beautiful meal together.

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